balloon artist knots incredible characters right before your eyes.

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Experience wonders of balloon art. Individually shaped by magic. The balloon artist knots incredible characters right before your eyes. Here Silver presents the balloon spectacle with wit, charm and interaction!

clown silver is clown and magician. Logically, that he can make things disappear and can resurface. And it’s got even more. Who enjoys him at a birthday party or a wedding, the experience it in a different art form. He’s balloon artists and balloon Dreher. Since no child will have to wait until a ladybug sitting on the wrist or a monkey climbs a palm tree. Balloon artist in Berlin Als balloon artist turns and he overcomes his balloons as long at the end comes to a dog, a turtle or a giraffe. So the children and interested Overgrown get their costs. The Ballonverdreher celebrates art on and with balloons. True art pieces with balloons the ratzfatz Knight helmets, swords, flowers hats and much more.

The balloon artist delight your guests with his balloon animals, balloon figures and the funny balloon. This children’s program, it ensures laughing faces. Balloon animals are to make for you and your event a perfect eye-catcher and the ideal “eye-catcher” attention. Here, the balloon artistSilver adapts to your needs.
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The Ballonverdreher occurs at birthdays, weddings, company parties, open day or street festival – Silver makes children and adults happy with his balloon animals and balloon figures.

Duration: from 60 minutes to 5 hours.

Do you know the colorful almost 2 meters long Modellierluftballons from which can make great animals and figures. They are the ultimate in children and adults. Book Peter Leonhard for children’s

Für Kindergeburtstag Berlin

 open day or store openings, shopping malls, car dealerships, clubs, street parties. In his artful hands arise balloon sculptures, spread the Silver to the large and small guests.

Children program:

Children’s birthday:
A colorful magic program with interactive magic. The balloon artist forms wonderful balloon animals!
Kindergartens (Program as circus jokes)
Primary schools (for example, program circus jokes)

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A balloon artist is a fine idea for corporate events, promotions, walkacts and fairs. clown silver is an effective means to bring your guests to laughter and astonishment.